A well kept landscape adds beauty and value to
your property. We provide seasonal work from
spring to winter, including mulching, edging,
planting shrubs, small trees, and flowers. Rates
vary per job, so call us today to schedule a
on-site consultation and let's put together a
landscaping plan that works best for you.

Stump Grinding
Once a tree is removed from your property, an
unsightly stump will be left, we grind out the
stump, leaving chips that can be used for mulch
or we can restore the area back to grass!

Green Tree mows front, back, and side yards
from spring to fall. We also provide general
upkeep for commercial and residential properties

Snow Plowing
Being snowed in is great when you're a kid, but
if you need to get to work it's nothing more
than a hassle. Thankfully, Green Tree is here
to help. Call us any time for immediate snow
removal services.

For a full list of tree health services offered
visit our tree health section.
Services Offered,

Stump Grinding
Snow Removal
Leaf Clean Up
Shrub Fertilizations
Tree Fertilizations
Lawn Pest Management
Tree Pest Management
(using Arbor Jet Line)
Fence Demo
Deck Demo
Privacy Fence Installation
(we also install doggy
windows in existing fences)
and more...

We have also partnered
with some of the primer
companies in the industry,
so if we can't do it we
have someone who can!!!!
Free Estimates
Contact us as 614-557-1552