Tree health has came along way in the past few years. Ten years ago if you had a tree
doing poorly, the only option was to remove it. As many of you know that have been affected
by the Emerald Ash Borer. But thanks to advancements in tree health, this is no longer the
case. In many cases trees can be treated, and restored back to health, for a far less
expense then removing them. Also your able to maintain the yearly financial benefit that
trees add to you property bring, visit
National Tree Benefits.

Advanced Tree Care
Protect your investment with superior tree care from Green Tree. As one of the few
companies in the state that treat for a wide variety of pest using direct injection
pesticides. Visit
Arbor Jet for more info

Providing Treatments For

• Apple Trees—Apple Scab, Bag Worm, Fall Webworm, Fire Blight, Japanese Beetle, Plant
Bug, Tent Caterpillar, Winter Moth

• Ash Trees—Anthracnose, Aphids, Clearwing Borer, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Lace Bug,
Whitefly, Winter Mouth

• Beech Trees—Anthracnose, Leaf Miner, Stem Canker

• Birch Trees—Anthracnose, Bronze Birch Borer, Fall Webworm, Leaf Miner, Interveinal
Chlorosis, Japanese Beetle, Stem Canker, & Tent Caterpillar

• Cherry Trees—Cankerworm, Fall Webworm, Japanese Beetle, Leaf Miner, Oak Looper
Caterpillar, Phytophthora, Tent Caterpillar, & Winter Moth

• Crab Apple Trees—Apple Scab, Bagworm, Fall Webworm, Fire Blight, Japanese Beetle,
Plant Bug, Tent Caterpillar, & Winter Moth

• Dogwood Trees—Anthracnose, Clearwing Borer, Phytophthora, Gail Midge, Scale (Soft &
Armored), & Thrips

• Elm Trees—Dutch Elm Disease, Stem Canker, Cankerworm, Carpenterworm, Gail Midge,
Leaf Beetle, Leaf Miner, & Spanworm

• Fir Trees—Budworm, Pine Coneworm, Fir Tussock Moth, Western Spruce Budworm, &
White Pine Weevil

• Hawthorn Trees—Apple Scab, Black, Spot, Fire Blight, Phytophthora, Tent Caterpillar, &
Lace Bug

• Hemlock Trees—Hemlock Elongate Scale, Woolly Adelgid, Phytophthora, & Spider Mite

• Hickory Trees—Cankerworm, Eastern Oak Looper, Gail Midges, & Tussock Moth

• Linden Trees—Anthracnose, Stem Canker, Bagworm, Lace Bug, Linden Looper, & Japanese

• Locust Trees—Bagworm, Carpenterworm, Calico Scale, Gail Midge, Leaf Miner, Plant Bug,
& Tussock Moth

• Magnolia Trees—Magnolia Scale, Leaf Spot, & Canker

• Maple Trees—Anthracnose, Aphids, Bagworm, Cankerworms, Cottony Maple Scale,
Interveinal Chlorosis, Thrips, & Winter Moth

• Oak Trees—Anthracnose, Gypsy Moth, Interveinal Chlorosis, Oak Worm, Oak Borer, Oak
Leaf Caterpillar, Oak Wilt, & Winter Moth

And More!!
Latest News,

Arborjet products expands
product line with
Arbor-OTC. Arbor-OTC is
a systemic water soluble
injectable antibiotic for
the control of bacterial
diseases in non-food
bearing trees.
Green Tree will start
treating the Columbus and
surrounding area April 1st.

Remember to Fertilize your
trees along with your lawn.  
Green Tree suggest
Fertilizing e
arly spring to
provide a
jump on a healthy
and disease
resistance lawn
. Don't
forget your trees!

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